Supermarkets Then and Now…

Once apon a time, long ago in another world, we could go grocery shopping at the supermarket without thinking.

The biggest problems we had, was to avoid long lines at the cashpoint, not to argue with the idiot in front of us (and sometimes behind us)  and to chose the things we wanted from an overwhelming offer.

Corona Supermarkt

Corona Supermarkt 2


















“Say, CAN´T you pack your stuff a bit faster?”

“I can´t do magic!”

Corona Supermarkt 5


















“Hey, listen girls! Can´t you stop snapping at each other and go on? I haven´t got all day!”

Corona Supermarkt 4

“DARN! I can´t find my favorite yoghurt! Do they ALWAYS have to change things?”

Corona Supermarkt 6



















“That girl behind the cash-desk lookes sweet…Maybe I ask her for a date!”

Corona Supermarkt 8


















“My legs are killing me…I hope, that schmoes at the desk are finished soon…I need to go home and lay on my couch!”


Well…those were glory days!

But, for the moment, they´re gone.

Curtains up for today´s shopping:

Corona Supermarkt 9

Some turned into a bunch of hamsters…And toilet paper is still more precious than gold…

Corona Supermarkt 10

“Sorry, but will there ever be toilet paper again? The shelfs are empty for the last 8 weeks!”

“How do I know? Am I a psychic?”

Corona Supermarkt 12

“I die, if I run out of coffee! And I don´t care a damn, if I´m the last one to get some in here!”

Corona Supermarkt 14

“SOAP??? What the heck should I do with soap? I need SANITIZER! Darn! Where is it?”

Corona Supermarkt 16

“Jippiiieeee! Grabbed the last pack of paper towels!”

Corona Supermarket 20

“Grandma! What are YOU doing here? Why aren´t you at home? Can´t you let ME do the shopping for you?”

“But I ran out of water!”

“And you don´t have a faucet? Or a phone to call me?”

Corona Supermarkt 18

“I want the last pack of paper tissues! Let go!”

“NO! I want it! Give it to me!”

Corona Supermarkt 13

“Well…I didn´t get those tissues, but THE LAST PACK OF SPAGHETTI!”

Once, there were times, when we didn´t have to fight over tissues or spaghetti!

But as long, as COVID rules, nothing is like it was before.

But one day, it will be over and maybe, some things will slowly go back to normal again….



The Little Garden Murder


We all know people, we really would love to kill…

In my country, we have a saying:

“The best can´t live in peace, if the bad neighbor don´t agrees!”

Garden Murder 1


So never feel too safe…Not even in your private backyard on a sunny summer day!

Because if your neighbor is a special one, the kind of stubborn and invasive feller, who always knows best and never gives in, no matter how wrong he is…Then you might be in trouble.

Garden Murder 2

He comes uninvited, creeping through the shrubs, walking into your garden, like it´s his own property. And why? Well… only to kill your nerves and complain endlessly about everything you do!

You´re not neat enough, your garden isn´t tidy the way he wants it to be, your house should be more proper and you should be a much, much better housekeeper…

Garden Murder 3


Whatever you tell him, he won´t listen, none of your points are important to him. He just goes on grabbing.

Garden Murder 4

He won´t even keep his distance or respects your privacy!

Garden Murder 5


He makes you feel threatened and awkward!

Garden Murder 14

Until you finally run to your house for shelter!

And even then, you can hear him deplore in your back!

But do you always have to run? Always being the one, who gives in? Isn´t there another way to get rid of the problem?

Oh, YES! There IS!

Garden Murder 6



















Garden tools can be very versatile!

Garden Murder 7


But what to do afterwards? You need to tidy up…just the way, he always told you to do!

Garden Murder 9


You might need the saw…

Garden Murder 10



















But acctually it´s much better to just wrap…

Garden Murder 11


…and dig!

Garden Murder 12


And then make a nice stone bed and plant some lovely flowers!

Garden Murder 13


Peace is back…But not for long. The next bad neighbor lurkes around the corner…So keep your tools ready! You might need them again!


When Guys Go Shopping…

I made this play just before COVID, but never had the time to put in on my blog.

Now it seems to be something from another time or even another world…But maybe, when it´s all over, we get a bit of our lost freedom back and it will be almost like this, only with masks:

Sometimes, even guys have to go clothes shopping…

Guys go shopping 1 Guys go shopping 3

“Flower patterns? For me? Are you totally mad?”

“No, just gay!”Guys go shopping 5


Should I buy this shirt or the one with the green pattern?…I don´t know…It´s just a hard decision to make….I´ll call my girlfriend…”Honey, can´t you come over?  I need your help…I´m at the fashion store! No….I don´t care if you´re on a mission to safe the world! I want you right here! My task is much more important right now!”

Guys go shopping 9

“Those shoes don´t really fit. Bit too tight…But they look pretty cool! The chicks will like them!”

Guys go shopping 8


“Oh, here you are! You really took your time! Now tell me…should I buy this shirt?”

“I´ll kill you, if you do!”

(And she would! That´s the drawback in having Lara Croft for a girlfriend. That girl really knows how to use an ice pick!)

The Mask-Dilemma

Recently, somewhere on this planet….

“Now listen honey, you don´t need a mask, when you´re just making a phone call! Using a cell phone is NOT infectious!”

Phonecall 1


Meanwhile, “on the other side of the line”…

“Child, I can´t barely hear you…I don´t understand a word…you´re mumbling…Like you´re wearing a mask or something!”

Phonecall 2


“Darling, I think our granddaughter´s gone mad….Does that COVID have an effect on the brain?”

Phonecall 3

McManbun and the Cell Phone Witches

A very short and modern version of the witch scene in  „The Scottish Play“!

This Time performed by Barbies and Kens…

McManbun and the three cell phone witches:

McManbun 1

One dark and gloomy day, on their way to the big game battle, the noble McManbun and his second in command “BanQuette” find three cell phone witches, waiting for them in the deepest part of the ancient forest.

The beautiful witches call for McManbun and beg him to come closer. BanQuette feels as sudden fear and tries to make her friend continue on their way to the battle, but McManbun is numbed by their lovely faces and refuses to leave.

The witches invite him to stay for a while and  offer the keys to success. So he could crush down his competitors in the battle and be king of all  games.

McManbun 2


BanQuette does not trust them and keeps both hands on the dagger. But McManbuns mighty sword sleeps. He sees only the witches beauty and their sweet words are like music to his ears. So he takes the keys.

But BanQuette was right. (Of course!) The witches might have offered the keys, but secretly hold back the magic lock, that would have kept the success in McManbuns life.

MacManbun 3


When they finally walk away and the witches wave their goodbyes, BanQuette feels not well, turning her back to them. She knows, desaster stretches its claws out to get her friend! But McManbun only thinks about the success, he got promised. He holds the keys in his hand and it feels, like they´re burning his palm.McManbun 4


So he walks straight on to his doom. And there is nothing to be done, because “real men” will never listen to their “BanQuettes”, no matter how right they are!

MacManbun 5



















But that´s not the end…

McManbun made it! He´s now king of all games and satisfied with his success…But Lady McBun has different planes…And a dagger. We all know, how that story ended…


















It was fun, to play a bit with 12″ dolls. I didn´t for a long, long time. Mostly, because I found many Mattel dolls far to “Barbie-ish” for  my taste. Dull faces, non-articulated bodies. And the few ones, I found appealing, had those stiff bodies too…So I just pushed them in a box and forgot them. Not what I needed for my humble little plays.

But then the “made to move” entered the stage and that changed a lot for me.   But I still was not convinced, if I could play with them the way, the 16″ made it possible.

Until I stumbled accross the BMR 1959…

I really love them! They´re highly articulated and very well made with pretty faces. And my favorite is “BanQuette” (from Banquo)!

Please Mattel, give us more in that direction!


My “three witches” are actually Wicca Kaylas from some years ago. But I always loved their faces and when I got a chance, I swapped bodies and now, they´re “made to move” too….

How will your Christmas be?


Another Christmas is coming up…So it´s time for a little “doll philosophy”.

Ask yourself: How will your Christmas be?

Will you celebrate with friends and loved ones in your favorite restaurant and enjoying great food, beautiful decoration and good company?

XMAS 2019 Szene 1



XMAS 2019 Szene 1 1

Or do you like to meet with friends for a snowball fight on Christmas Eve?

XMAS 2019 Szene 2

And maybe you´re feeling lonely and chasing the streets of your town, restless and sad…XMAS 2019 Szene 3

Or do you prefer a quiet Christmas at home, with only a few beloved people for company and some good books?

XMAS 2019 Szene 4

But maybe your Christmas is more like…THIS:

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 1

When you feel like beeing in a survival camp, where only the strongest stay alive….Then you need a strategy…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 2


















Some numb themselves by overeating.

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 6


XMAS 2019 Szene 5 8

And there are such, who feel ashamed and wish, they could be far, far away…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 12

…While others love to fight about nothing..XMAS 2019 Szene 5 15

And want to hurt each other…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 3


















And all is just waste in the end…

What great expectations for your holidays!

But there could be a chance, to get your own private little Christmas at a quiet place…Maybe with furry friends and a bit of the lost magic, Christmas once held.

XMAS 2019 Szene 6So, what do you think? How will your Christmas be this year?

The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: A Lee for Christmas!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Another Christmas party. Gifts are exchanged and Edward and some of the girls sing Christmas carols in their corner

The Choir is still singing The Choir sings

Carrie and Elsa sings



Others just listen and enjoy.



Others listen


A new member of the doll theater was hired recently: The Artist Davinia, a non articulated Painter and stage designer. She´s a bit rough and straight forward , but a nice person, if you know her better.

Davinia is new






The Miss Ghastly made their own corner as dark and gloomy as possible this year and were ready to quarrel like every Christmas- But then something unexpected happend:

They finally found a friend, with whom they can share their liking of darkness and gloomy things: Thekla the witch, who is now guest with her dragon Draco at the dusty room of Eve and Angeline. And uses some descret magic, to prevent the sisters from fighting again.

Gastlys wanted her room gloomy Ghastlys finally found a friend






And while Angeline recites dark and sadly lyrics, the other girls have fun with excellent sweets and good wine.

Angeline recites gloomy lyrics





Delicious cakes




Helena thinks about learning to play the trumpet.

Helena thinks about learning the trumpet






And some other girls meet in the notorious “cozy corner”, where they can gossip on soft sheep furs…

Girls meet to change news






“Have you seen Midnights gown and hat? What happened to her? She seems to have changed her style completely!”

“She has a personal style coach now! That woman did wonders on her”

Have you seen Midnights new style

“She lookes like a complete different person!”


She has a style coach now






But outside in the cold is someone….Watching the girls celebrate….

But there is someone outside




Someone lonely  with yearning eyes,who wants to go in and find some friends and a new home.

Someone without a home This someone is watching

But that´s not quite easy…

A Man


“There´s someone outside! I think it´s a man!”

Girls in riot




“WHAT?” The girls are upset!

Have you heard, what they said




“Have you heard? They say, there´s a man outside!”

“Another one?”

Its true, there´s a man





“It´s true! There IS a Man!”

I thought men were extiinct

“I thought men were extinct…Except Edward of course!”

I could terminate him with witchcraft





“I could use my witchcraft on him!”

No, it could be Mortimer

“No! Please don´t! It could be Mortimer!”

Is he dressed this time 1






” I hope, he´s dressed this time!”

Please, not another one






“Oh PLEASE! Not another one! Isn´t Edward enough?

But Edward thinks a bit different about the situation and decides, to go outside and talk to the stranger.

OK feller who are you




“Who are you and what are you doing here?  Are you a kind of Peeping Tom?”

“No! I swear, I´m not! My name is Lee and I´m desperately in search of a new employment…”

“According to the jacket you wear, your last employment must have been a circus!”

“I´m a fashion designer!”

“Well….that explaines everything…You should better come inside. We already have a fashion designer named Elsa. She takes care for the girls theater costumes. But maybe she needs someone to help her….”

This is Lee




“Girls, we have an unexpected guest. His name´s Lee and he´s a fashion designer!”

Why should he stay




“But Elsa is our designer…We don´t need another one!”

But Lee won´t give up that easy!

Please let me stay






“Please! Don´t throw me out! I´m lonesome and homeless!”

I die out in the cold

“I´ll freeze to death, if you send me back on the streets!”

Hes a very good actor





“Now look at him! What an excellent breakdown! He seems not only to be a fashion designer, but a very good actor too!”

Lets keep him





“But would it be wise, to have another man here?”

“He looks, as if he ran away from a traveling circus! Have you seen his jacket and hairstyle?”

Ineed a male friend





“Oh, come on girls! I like all of you very much, but I feel a bit lonely among so many women! I need a male friend at my side! I know, he looks a bit strange, but that can be changed in time!”

So What, lets keep hin





“So what! Let´s keep him for a while…And if we don´t like him, we can throw him out later! And we shouldn´t forget: It´s Christmas!”

You really let me ytay





“You mean, I can stay?”

Glad you´re here girls are nice but just girls






“For the moment. And maybe forever, but the girls will watch you closely. So be careful, what you do…

What will happen to Lee?

We don´t know the future. But for now, he´s safe and warm at the doll theater. And the girls are self-satisfied with their generosity…..

Merry Christmas





This time everyting went wrong. I had planed to provide the set a few days before Christmas, but never had the time. So I had to do in a grreat hurry within a few hours at the day before the holiday.

And I cheeted a bit about Lees arrival. Actually, he came month before Christmas, but I never made it , to set up a storyline for him.

The story also had to be very short and I needed so much time for the set´s providing, that I could only shoot after it got dark outside.

Therefore, the pictures are a bit greay. But I did my best, as always…

The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: Edwards Arrival!

This is a SATIRE.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

People always asked me, why I don´t have any male dolls…I never knew what to say, because the answer isn´t that easy.

First of all, some of the male dolls are not my style. Others have rather simple faces…At least that´s my private opinion.

Kinsman´s are out of the question for some reasons and Iplehouse boys don´t have the right size for my 16″ girls. I would like to have some Jamieshow guys, but they are expensive and seldom to find on the secondary market in Europe.

So I gave up and went on with my bunch of girls….But one day, the “man” subject suddenly turned up again and everything changed….But look for yourself…

The stage is empty, the theater closed. But a few actors are in.

A quiet day at the closed theater




Lunch 2 Others enjoy their lunch together

Some work on the settings, others enjoy  lunch together between rehearsals. It´s a quiet and normal day….But suddenly…

But suddenly

There is a man

“There´s a MAN!”

Hi, is this the humble little...






“Hi girls!”

Help, a man

“We need to build a barricade!”

Hide in panic




Be carefull, he might bite





“Helena, don´t get so close!  Be carefull! He might bite!”

yes, its the humble little...

“Sorry to disturb…But is this the “Humble Little Doll Theater”?

“Yes it is…But what are YOU doing here?”

I m a new member



“I´m the new member of the theater company!”


How could she do this to us





“How could our director do this to us?”

“We were totally happy without any men!”

“I don´t know, what came to her mind! Men ALWAYS bring lots of trouble!”

To bring a man in here




“But he´s here now…So what are we going to do”?

Don t you think its awkward just in underpants






Sorry to interrupt…I don´t know, how you usually welcome new members…But don´t you think, it´s a bit awkward for me to stand in front of you ladies with nothing but underpants? Shouldn´t I have some clothes?

still panic behind barricades




“Be glad for the pants! Some of US came NUDE !”

Do men need clothes....




“Do MEN need cloth”?

I go and fetch some






“I go and fetch some!”

But stay away






“But you over there- KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!”

Soon Midnight comes back….

I dont think thats what i meaned





“Well…Thanks! But that isn´t exactly, what I was thinking about, when I asked for cloth!”

But htats my best ballgown





“But that´my favourite ballgown!”

arentyou a vidious feller

“Say, aren´t you a vidious feller!”

You airhead he needs mans cloth

“O, Midnight! You´re such an airhead! What he needs is MENS CLOTH!”

Mens clothes...Oh





“Mens cl….? OH!”

But we havent any




“But we haven´t any!”

Our director must take the responsibility






“Then it´s up to our director!”

You brought him in, you take care




“If you think, it´s necessary, to bring a man in here, shouldn´t you take the responsibility for him”?

Clothes come in

Of course, a director should….So the cloth come in!

Much better now






“Much better now! Thank you!”

A bit too much chic for our...





“A bit unfamiliar for us girls, but it suits you! What´s your name?”

I m Edward

“I´m Edward….”

Edward, Edward, that reminds me





“Edward….Edward…Didn´t I use the name for a hero in one of my novels…If I could only remember, which one it was…”

Its hard to be over 200 years old




“Oh! What a burdon, to be over 200 years old!”

What was that






“…What was that….?”

“Oh, don´t give it to much attention. That was only Law, our “Jane”-impersonator. She does it quiet often. ”

Come with me





“Come with me, Edward. After your long journey, you should have some food and relaxation!”

While Helena takes care for Edward, the girls start to remove the barricades and clean up the mess.

Cleaning 2Cleaning 1

Cleaning up



Soon, all goes back to normal and Edward sits beside the girls…

Edward at the table




“What did you do, before you came here, Edward?”

“Well…..I played a Vampire.”

“A Vampire! that´s usefull! Our director thinks about a Halloween-special this year…Maybe that´s, why she hired you!” You would make a brillant “prince of darkness!”

And we could play your brides

“O Yes! And we could be your brides!”

How many work here




“…How many girls work here?”

“26, including our two Miss Ghastley.”

“26! That´s to much brides, even for a prince of darkness!”

“Don´t worry. Maybe we´re lucky and our director can´t manage to sew all the costumes and provide the scenes and the vampire play will be cancelled!”

“How´s our director”?

“She´s not only our director but also the theaters owner, manager, lighting technician and costume designer … She´s a bit crazy, but treats us good. We can get a lot of nice props and cloth and the work isn´t to hard. You will like it here!”

Directors voice from the off:

“I wasn´t sure, if it was a good idea to put a cat among the pidgeons. But in Edwards case, its more like I put a pidgeon among the cats….But he´s clever, he will do fine and maybe become a friend and mascot for the girls!



The Man                                                  Edward Cullen

The sensible girl                                   Helena (actually Sidney)

The Airhead                                          Midnight

The whole bunch of actors :

Sidney, Law, Doku, Brenda Starr, Blue Inque, Mama Morton, Cross, Tulabelle, Velma Kelly, Esmé

Costumes by “The House of Eder” on the Humble Little Doll Theater

Wigs: Facetsbymarcia

I didn´t employ Edward for his Vampire-past. The truth is: He was availabel, affordable and I liked his face.

And of course I had many, many issues with my new play. Edward did a good job, he stood sound on his two big feet, but to make high-heeled girls pose without a stand…Well, I whined about that many times before. And the light was another problem. Sometimes too bright, sometimes too dark, but I did my best.

Midnight surprised me this time. She´s not my favourite doll. I employed her, because of her aggressive look and the fact, that she has a “gripping hand”. I don´t have the courage to change the hands on my other sybs, so Midnight was usefull on that matter. She is also versatile. She makes a good villain, excentric and the perfect airhead. I used her with different wigs in former plays, but was astonished, how soft and beautiful she looks with this long wig in a bright shade of hazelnut. But after all, her new beauty didn´t help her- She had to play the airhead again….

To cover the table with all the food items was fun. Thanks to the French and their tradtion of “Feves”, aka “Galettes des rois”, I could get some beautiful ceramic miniature goodies.

Those “feves” (the word means “beans”) were used to bake them into the cake for the day of the three holy kings on 6.  of january. The one who got the feve, was king or queen for a day.  Very simple pieces of ceramic in earlier days, they are now intricate, colorful subjects of collection and available in a wide range of variations .

The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: At the Millinery

You can enlarge the pictures, if you click on them.

This time no storyline, just a few sets I made about a milliners shop in the 1920s and another version from the 1950s…well, as good, as I could…I don´t have many items of the 50s nor do I have many matching cloth for my dolls from that period.

But it´s funny, how many 1950s hats I made…And I really enjoyed it. Seems, I like the hats from that time much more than the cloth…

I worked as a milliner myself for years and could use my skills, to make some nice hats for my little actors.

This time I had issues with the light again, so the pictures are not the very best and don´t ask about the problems, I had to prepare the set. In the middle of it, I found out, I had forgotten to sew some smocks for the milliners and the shop girl!

I hadn´t many time, so I couldn´t sew authentic smocks from the 1920s. (Smocks at that time looked more like Kasacks and were much longer with pleats.)

So I grabbed, what I could find on white fabric and made smocks, that can work in some different scenes in the future…even as blouses, if neccessary.

The next issue was to make some kind of hat-stands. With only a small amount of spare time, I took some vintage wood-spools  and a few metal bars, I had left over from another project. Not perfect, but they did the job. Maybe I find the time soon, to make better stands. But for now….

Now enjoy my little scenes!

Wealthy customers gather to see the new hats…

At the Millinery Shop0827_10_31_14_Pro

They came to see the latest Paris-style!

The latest style from Paris




Some hats for summer partys!

Some new Styles





And some for every day occasions!

Does the hat suit me






Does the hat suit me?

Show us more new hats




Show us more hats! But don´t forget, we´re very challenging!

Some lovely hats to buy




So many lovely hats to buy!

Workshop in the back





But there is always a less glamourous side of life…In the back, milliners work hard, to make their wealthy customers fashion dreams come true!

Some new hat designs to work on






Some new hat designs to work on!

Finishing hats




And hats to finish fast! Customers don´t like to wait…


Time goes by, fashion is different now, but in fact, nothing has changed…

A milliners shop in the 1950s:

Millinery shop 1950s





Wealthy customers gathered, to see the new Paris style…

We need hats




Some hats for Church and garden partys!

Do I like the new Style






Does the new style suit me?

Coolies are cool






I love to wear chinese coolies!

I prefer flowers






I prefer flower hats!

Nothing changed through the years





No, nothing has changed. There are still busy milliners in the back and work night and day on the dreams of their challenging customers.

The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: Something strange happened at the supermarket



Another ordinary day at the little supermarket on the corner.

Ein ganz normaler Tag im kleinen Supermarkt an der Ecke.

A normal day at the little supermarket at the next corner

Customers come and go.

Kunden kommen und gehen.

Some pay and leave the market




Others come tho the cash point

Customers come and go




Cash floates in like every day.

Das Geld fließt herein, wie jeden Tag.

But suddenly...





Cash floates in




But suddenly…

Doch plötzlich…


Look, have you seen that


“Look! Have you seen THAT?”

“What do you mean?”

“BARBIES! I had no idea, they let those dwarfs in here!”

“Hast du DAS gesehen?”

“Was meinst du?”

“BARBIES! Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass sie diese Zwerge hier reinlassen!”

But Barbies have sharp ears...

But Barbies  have sharp ears!

Aber Barbies haben scharfe Ohren!

And they dont run from trouble

And they don´t run from trouble!

Und sie gehen keinem Streit aus dem Weg!

What did you say

“WHAT did you say?”

“WAS hast du da gerade gesagt?”

How dare you to call me a dwarf

“How dare you, to call me a dwarf! Can´t you see, I´m a TALL!”

“Wie kannst du es wagen, mich einen Zwerg zu nennen! Kannst du nicht sehen, dass ich eine TALL bin?”


“Yes! She´s a TALL! Can´t you see that?”

“Ja! Sie ist eine TALL! Siehst du das nicht?”

You are insulting us

“You´re insulting us!”

“Du beleidigst uns!”

you will be sorry for this

“And you will be sorry for this!”

“Und dafür wirst du büßen!”

Security, quick



It´s the one in the lilac coat

“It´s the one in the lilac coat! She called us DWARFS!”

“Es ist die da drüben im lila Mantel! Sie hat uns ZWERGE genannt!”

Sorry, Madam. You are accused of Barbie doll insulting

“Sorry Madam, you´re accused of Barbie doll discrimination!”

“Tut uns leid, aber Sie werden der Diskriminierung von Barbies bezichtigt!”

You are under arrest

“You´re under arrest!”

“Sie sind verhaftet!”

Its time, those 16 inchs learn....

“It´s time, those 16″s learn, who REALLY reigns the fashion doll world!”

“Es wird wirklich Zeit, dass diese 16″s lernen, wer WIRKLICH die Welt der Modepuppen regiert!”

And the pay and leave

And so they pay…

Also zahlen sie….

And leave

…and leave!

Und gehen!

What are we going to do now

“What are we´re going to do?”

“Go on shopping! What else?”

“Was machen wir jetzt?”

“Weiter einkaufen! Was sonst?”

Yes...What else

“…Yes…What else….”

“Ja…Was sonst…”

All goes back to normal, but suddenly

All goes back to normal….But suddenly…

Alles ist wieder normal…Doch plötzlich…

Have you seen that...





“Have you seen THAT? I didn´t know, they let those…”

“Hast du DAS gesehen? Ich wusste nicht dass sie diese…..”

No, dont say it. Just shut up and run

“NO! Don´t say it! Just shut up and run!”

“NEIN! Sag es nicht! Halt einfach den Mund und lauf!”

They run off

Sister have you seen that strange dolls

“Sister, have you seen those strange dolls over there? Seems, they run away from us, as if they are frightened!”

“Schwester, hast du diese merkwürdigen Puppen dort drüben gesehen? Scheint fast so, als hätten sie Angst und würden vor uns davonlaufen!”

You never know, what goes on in the mind of those 16 Inchs

“Well, you never know, what goes on in the mind of those 16″s!”

“Nun, man weiß nie, was in den Köpfen dieser 16″s vorgeht!”


This time, I decided to let the girls play around in a kind of “supermarket”.
Yes, I know….there are far to less items in the shelfs, but I simply couldn´t manage to get more of those little boxes, we use for childrens play shops over here.

But I had some lovely little “feves” from France in stock, that worked well in the set.

And NO, this is a simple satire, no comercial thing.

I used some older Sybs like Cross and Tick. They are beautiful, but don´t pose  well. So I had to use stands again, even if they don´t work the way I want them to….I don´t know, how often the dolls fell of the stands and finally one of the Syb-stands broke….But no harm done to the precious dolls and that is all, that counts!


Davincia- The woman in the lilac coat

Cross + Tick- Lilac´s friends

Esmé + Louise Devereaux- The securitys

Doku, Brenda Starr and Mrs. Brenda SaintJohn- Customers

Evi + Angeline Ghastly- Another customers

The Barbies play themselves

Costumes: The House of Eder by Made of Rags

Wigs +Shoes: Facets by Marcia