Newyear 2020 9

A Special New Years Eve…

New Years Eve. And the world has changed a lot in 2020.

Nothing is like it was before and there´s so much things, we are not allowed to do for a good reason-COVID still reigns!

So no dressing-up and meeting for diner at a fancy restaurant…

Newyear 2020 1

And no theater or show afterwards…

Newyear 2020 4

And of course no New Years celebration with all of your friends at your favorite club!

Newyear 2020 7

No “Should old aquaintance be forgot”….No fireworks, no family feast. No concert in the park, no roaming in the streets…Instead of this: Curfew.

But what is a curfew, if you can keep yourself and others safe by staying at home? No big deal!

I don´t worry about the things I can´t do tonight.

I  decorate and make it cozy for myself.

Newyear 2020 8

And when its time, I zoom my friends and beloved ones or call them on the phone.

Newyear 2020 9

So stay safe, stay at home and don´t give up.

Every pandemia ends sometime.