The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: Antheas Visit

This is a rather weird little scene from ancient Greece…I made the costumes (like always!) from recycled and vintage fabrics and for the style, I used a costume book. It´s not really genuine, but good enough for me.

I wrote the letter in real ancient Greek. But don´t ask me, what it says- Its something about philosophy, a text I found at the web….

The story is simple: Two sisters life in a small village near Athens, where they share a house.

One day, bad news arrives: Anthea, a professional dancer and  relative of the sisters, announces her visit in a letter…and the trouble begins!

Is it true, what the rumour says...    On a hot summers day in a small village, somewhere in ancient Greece, bad news arrives.

A neighbor comes in a hurry: “It´s all over the village! Is it true, what the rumour says?  ANTHEA is coming for a visit?


That´s her letter. She arrives today!




“Yes. Unfortunatelly, it´s true! This is her letter….She arrives today!

I don´t like her!






“That´s horrible news! I really don´t like her! She is vain, selfish and talks about nothing but dancing!”

Nobody likes her, she´s a horror!






“Nobody likes her! But what do we expect? She is a professional dancer and that is all, she cares about- Exept of her own beauty! That woman is a horror!

Anthea for a visit! Can´t we pretend, we´re out...






“Oh sister, can´t we pretend, we´re out? Or left the country in a hurry? ”

“You know, we can´t! She´ll find us everywhere! So we must try to be good hosts on all costs!”

Not even the philosopher have a good advice






Not even the philosphers have a good advice for the poor sisters!

She makes us dance until we´re edhausted!






“Yes, we must be good hosts! That´s the morals! But she´ll make us all dance again, until we´re totally exhausted! Think at her last visit! We needed three weeks after she left, to get back on our feet and recover! I´m still limping a bit”

I go and get some! Maybe from the poisoned well!






“Anyway! She´ll need some fresh water, if she arrives.”

“I go and get some….Maybe from the polluted well!”

Welcome Anthea! How...ähm...good to see you!





There´s no way to hide…Soon before noon Anthea arrives in her travel-clothing.

“Welcome Anthea….How….good….to see you again!”

“Oh girls! I had SO MUCH FUN!”

I danced at the palace of Ithaka!





“I danced at the palace of Ithaka!”

And I danced before Helena of Troy!






“And I danced before Helena of Troy! You can´t imagine, how beautiful she is! But not as beautiful as I am, of course!”

“How….very interesting, Anthea….After your long journey , don´t you wan´t some fresh water from the poll….I mean from the well nearby?”

You´re boring!Don´t sit around! Let´s dance!






“I don´t want water! Haven´t you some wine? Oh, come along! don´t be so boring and sit around all day Let´s dance! I´ll teach you a new style, I learned in Korinth”!

NO! Please Anthea, DON´T!





“No Anthea! Please DON´T!”

Dancing is an art!




“Dancing is an ART!”

More expression! None of you has discipline!




“More expression! None of you has discipline!”

I can´t go on!





“Oh mighty gods, please help us! I´can´t go on dancing!”

What will happen next? A sudden flash from the Olymp, to end Antheas promising career? Or will her victims strike back for once? Or maybe Anthea get´s bored with her hosts and hurrys to the next dancing-event to have another triumph?

That depends on your own fantasy!

The last scene, with the poor girl broke down, is actually my recreation of a scene on a vintage photograph from the 1920s, where the real dancers copy the style of Isadora Duncan.

That dancing-scene gave me some trouble…Have you ever tried zu make a Syb pose vertically without a stand? I don´t know, how often the dolls dropped down, before I managed them to pose in the right way. (Well, at least a little bit in the right way…)

And how to place the big vase or amphora on the syb´s head without having an accident? Don´t ask!

And there is another problem, I couldn´t fix: None of the girls wears shoes! It´s impossible, to find matching antique-style sandals for fashion dolls with high heel feet. But going barefoot was not uncommon in the ancient world, so I decided to skip that problem.

For the doodads and pieces in the background: Some of them are Roman or Etruscan replicas. The rest is modern tourist-stuff from fleemarkets or charity shops.

For the wigs- thank´s to Marcia again. They are  not really ancient greek style, but look a bit in that way.

Jane- Waiting for Mr. Right?

Miss Austen still aloneOne of my older sets. But also one of my favorites. Even if there is no happy end in a way, we all would expect…

This time, Miss Jane waits for Mr. Right…





Miss Jane all alone…Waiting for the man of her dreams.

Another day waiting for Mr. Right






Another day waiting for Mr. Right

Still waiting for Mr. Right!






Still waiting for Mr. Right! But he won´t appear!

Waiting for Mr. Right!





If I wait long enough,

eventually he will appear!

Waiting for Mr. Right is exhausting!






Waiting for Mr. Right is so exhausting!

Ringing the bell for Mr. Right






She even rings the bell for him…But nothing happens!

Cassandra and Jane






Janes sister Cassandra convices her, to stop that senseless waiting.

“Just invite a friend over and let us have some fun together!”

Instead of waiting- Have fun with the girls!





The girls have some music!

What a lovely hat!

They enjoy the latest fashions!

Sharing gossip in the parlour






And share gossips in the little parlour.

Don´t forget our Navy!

And talk about politics and war: “Don´t forget our navy!”

Qour troops are here...




“Our troops are here and Bonapartes over there at the moment….”

Jane shares a letter from a friend

Jane shares a new letter from a friend.

But finally she realizes, she can´t go on like before.

Jane Austen and Aristoteles





“Dear Mr. Right…Where ever you may be now…”

Dear Mr. Right, I couldn´t wait any longer...






“I can´t wait any longer for you!

I go out with the girls and have fun!

You know, where to find me!






You know, where to find me!

Stop writing Jane!




“Stop writing Jane!

We are to late for Mrs. Goodbodys ball at the Crossed Feathers!”

And so they left the house!



And so they left the house!

Cassandra Austen by the fire






But late at night, when Cassandra gets back to her own room, she sits there by the fire and secretly waits for Mr. Right….

The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: The Vanity Set!

Why shouldn´t I do a set about “vanity”?

I think, my Sybarite “Midnight” is the perfect actor for this little scene.

It´s one of my older and simply sets, but I never had the time to post it before now.

Midnights dress is made of some rotten 1960s lace and a vintage tablecloth.

I bought the mirrors some 30 years ago in a travel agency and always knew, I would need them someday!

In the middle of the shooting, I suddenly decided to change Midnights hairdo. (Don´t ask why!) So she got her original wig back and changed her look completely.

Now look at vanity in person and her little helpers…

Mirror Room

Midnight in her “mirror-room”

Queen of Rags






Queen of rags!





Sheer vanity!

Fir Green suits me...






Fir green suits me!

I´m the center of the world!






I´m the center of the world!

I´m the prettiest!

I can´t believe, how BEAUTIFUL I am!

Even Vanity is exhausting!






But beeing THAT beautiful,

can sometimes be exhausting!

Don´t disturb me, boys!






Don´t disturb me, boys!

I´m tired! Please leave me alone!






No, please leave me! Some of us just want to be alone….

But before you go, bring me the biggest mirror, you can find!

The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: Happy New Year 2018!

This time, the girls meet for the big  New Years party!

Big Party at the New Years Eve


Some girls dance and others chat




Some girls dance and others chat!

Grooving in the Disco Parlor






Groovin´in the parlor

Law´s dancing...






Law´s dancing

Davincia tells storys

Davincia tells a story

Let´s have fun tonight!

Fun is everywhere!

Magic as Lady in red...

I need a rest!

Magic is tired

Magic dances, until she´s exhausted!

And now she needs to rest in a cosy corner.


Davincia has some other problems…

I ruined my hairdo!

“I ruined my hairdo!”

My feet kill me!

“That shoes kill my feet!”

Wild dancing Tulabelle´s stole dance Soon it´s time... Party goes on!










It´s getting dark outside and the party still goes on!


Two friends and old Shakespeare...






Time to rest and share some hot gossips!

But there is always someone who can´t enjoy the party!

But there is always someone, who can´t enjoy the party!

Someone who feels lost and lonely


And looks into the future with fear and sorrow.






Someone, who feels lost and lonely and looks at the future with fear and sorrow.

Someone who need´s attention

And a hug!

That someone needs care and attention.

Don´t give up!




Don´t give up! Things will work much better in 2018!


Elsa in the spotlight Elsa´s resting on a cushion



And Elsa? She has enough! She runs from the spotlight and finds a soft cushion!

Darkness falls and they still dance!

The others don´t care! It´s close to midnight and the party is at the climax!


Another radio station, please!

Tulabelle doesn´t like the radiostation, Elsa Lin has chosen. “Another transmitter, please!”

And what are your good intensions...




What are your good intensions for 2018?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!And then it´s time! 12.00 o´clock. Welcome 2018!

And a Happy New Year to all of you!