Scrap-gifts and decorations for Christmas










Last week someone reminded me, I had planed to make some little doodads for Christmas. And guess what? I HAD forgotten! I was so busy with other things, that I don´t even remembered. But time flies and I needed the doodads. So the sewing machine had to run and the crochet hook had to fly! But I made it at least!

I had the idea with the Christmas-trees, when I saw some tree-shaped cookies. I made a simple pattern from cardboard and began to sew.  I made lots of gift-bags for cookies and other small gifts, gift-tags and tree decoration from vintage and new fabrics and crocheted also a few collars and shawls.

The design for the little pineapple-collar isn´t mine. It belongs to Mayumi Kawai. You can find it in the book  “Dentelles elegantes au crochet”. (Elegant crochet lace)  Sadly, there is no english version. Only french and japanese, but the pictures and instructions are very good, so you can get along without foreign language competence.

And some of the projects in this book are so pretty, I will enjoy myself reworking them!

I had the idea to make a long version of the small collar and create a real scarf. You can see on the picture, what appeared…

Now I´m better prepared for Christmas and my rag-box is not overfull anymore.

The better way of shopping





A big second hand store …..NO, Shopping in a place like that is NOT glamorous. And I can promise, you won´t get that “luxury feeling” you find in one of those bright-and-shiny malls.

But I think, the question ist: What is more important? Glamour or sustainability?

Avoid Waste! Avoid Plastic!

Early morning on a beautiful beach somewhere on this planet….And LOOK, what fine gifts came in with the flood!

A big mattress and a nice purse! And that wasn´t all….We also got some old clothes, broken glass, shards of tiles, plastic-waste in every size and shape and finally a coin!

And look at this astonishing amount of plastic trash! Isn´t it lovely?

Waste, especially plastic waste is one of the major problems today.

You don´t need to be a hero and save the world. Just try to avoid waste and prevent plastic products, wherever it´s possible. IMG_7929 Remember: Every step counts!IMG_7702 IMG_7701 IMG_7634



Until the 1960s, “Flowerfrogs” from bohemia were popular decoration items in Germany. Today they´re mega-out.  They´re said to be old fashioned, square and unsophisticated. Thats why you can find lots of them on flea markets and in social departments.

But acctually they are highly practical, if you don´t fix them on being boring vases. I use my “flowerfrogs”  as halters for some pens, sewing items, thread, kohl and  lipsticks.

So why buying another cheep, mass produced plastic item with harmful contents, if there are so many low rate or even free glassy flowerfrogs? Or use some other second hand items you really like!