Sometimes things should (almost) remain the way they are….

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When I found this beautiful piece of art nouveau-fabric, I thought about using it for a skirt. But I never had the right idea about it, so it slept for a long time in my fabric-drawer.

One day I looked for something else, found this piece instead and realised, that it was not neccesary to change it that much….It could almost stay the way it was. All I had to do, was to dye it, because the original color was such a bright-and-shiny white, you could get snow-blind. And white does nothing for me, so I added on a bit of autum-red and use it now as a shawl or stole.

I confess, I never found out, what it really was in earlier days. Maybe a curtain for a kind of open drawer?

Now it´s a shawl and I love the intricate and beautiful pattern.

No fur please!

We shouldn´t use fur.  I think, the times, when animals had to suffer and die for things like fur-coats and collars should be over and never come back again.

No human being can ever look as good in a fur coat as the animal does, that had to die for the coat.

When winter comes I use “Furry”, my fake-fur-collar. I didn´t sew it myself. Actually I found Furry years ago in a second hand store. It was dirty, the lining had holes, seams where lose, only a half tail remained and one  glass-eye was missing.

But it was obvious, that someone long ago made the collar herself from simple materials like satin and a fur-like fabric, usually used for teddy bears.

I cleaned and mend it and bought a pair of new glass-eyes. Now we´re both happy together.

But what is there to see on the picture? Some real fur! Is this woman a pharisee?

No, I´m not. But Furry´s tail and ears are real fur. I think, the woman who made it, used some bits from a genuine fur-collar and I didn´t have the courage to remove it. But I also never repaired the half-tail.

Furry will remain as it is and I use it as a reminder for myself  never to use fur.

You don´t own fur-coats or collars and you also don´t want to buy such things and why did this woman need to write about it, because fur is mega-out for years?

Don´t think your save. Fur lurks everywhere, even if we don´t realize it!

Those pretty miniature- animals you can buy on fairs and markets or in cheap stores, are often laminated with the fur of cats. Millions of them are killed every year.  Or where does the genuine trim fur on your new, stylish purse comes from? Or the piece of fur on this in-boots you just admire in a shoe shop?

It may not be mink or sable. But does it matter, which animal it is?

Ask yourself in wich way the animals, we use for industrial products like clothing and shoes are raised and how they die at the end.

Try to avoid products with genuine fur and if it´s not possible, buy your things from eco-friendly companys.

The web is full of alteratives to “common” industrial products!

Ask questions. And if they don´t give you the right answers or try to dodge them, go and buy elsewhere!