Tom´s Diner

Toms Diner 1

This time, we´re playing “Tom´s Diner” by Suzanne Vega for you…One of those great songs about everyday situations. So familiar to most of us.  And still there is a deeper meaning….

Curtains up!

Tom´s Diner by Suzanne Vega…

I am sitting in the morning

at the diner on the corner

Toms Diner 2

I am waiting at the counter

for the man to pour the coffee.

And he fills it only halfway,

Toms Diner 3

but before I even argue,

he is looking out the window

at somebody coming in.

Toms Diner 4

“It is always nice to see you!”

Says the man behind the counter

to the woman who has come in.

She is shaking her umbrella.

Toms Diner 5

And I look the other way,

as they are kissing their hellos.

And I´m pretending not to see them.

And instead I pour the milk.

Toms Diner 6


I open up the paper.

There´s a story of an actor,

Toms Diner 7

who had died while he was drinking.

It was no one, I had heard of.

Toms Diner 8

And I´m turning to the horoscope

and looking for the funnies,

when I´m feeling someone watching me

and so I raise my head.

Toms Diner 10

There´s a woman on the outside,

looking inside, does she see me?

But she does not really see me.

`Cause she sees her own reflection.

And I´m trying not to notice,

that she´s hitching up her skirt.

And while she´s straightening her stockings,

her hair has gotten wet.

Toms Diner 11

Oh, this rain it will continue

through the morning as I´m listening

to the bells of the cathedral…

I am thinking of your voice….

Toms Diner 12

And of the midnight picnic once upon a time before the rain began.

Toms Diner 13

And I finish up my coffee

and it´s time to catch the train.

Toms Diner 14

Doo doo doo doo doo doo- doo doo….



Hobble Skirt?


It looks a bit like a hobble-skirt, but it isn´t….It´s just a kind of  elastic in the middle and the skirt is an overlong tube, fold up and fixed with some ribbons and buttons on the waistband. A fine project for scraps, as you can see. The ribbons can be crossed, which gives a further decoration effect.

But there is one thing, you should be aware of: The skirt must be worked in two sections and than joined. Otherwise if you fold the lower part up, you  see the the inner seam on the outside.


Simple Over-Skirt

If you have some scraps, big enough for patchwork and matching somehow, you can try a simple wrapping over-skirt like this. WP_20151008_11_54_23_Pro WP_20151008_11_54_35_Pro WP_20151008_11_54_54_Pro







I used some vintage curtain-pieces, old lace and parts of antique bed-clothing. A rubber band at the waist, a button on the inside and a braid on the front for closure- Ready. (Ok, first I had to dye it all….) It won´t take some time, but it looks nice and you can wear it over skirts, trousers, leggins or a swimsuit in summer.

You can use many kinds of fabric and lace (but it works better, if the material is non-stretchable) Just follow your own taste and possibilitys.

Sew yourself a sari-skirt

WP_20151008_10_32_02_Pro WP_20151008_10_32_17_ProI had a vintage brocade-silk-sari. One half was rotten, but the other half with the show-piece, called “pallu”, was in good condition. I wanted to save as much as possible of the precious fabric, so I made a simple wrapping-skirt  with lining .

The fabric is heavy and I have to be careful if I sit down but it´s worth the attention. You can use every kind of sari or something in that direction. But the fabric should be not to airy.

A piece like that might be fine for a Christmas-Party.



WP_20151008_10_44_09_Pro WP_20151008_10_43_37_Pro__highresWP_20151008_10_43_54_Pro__highres






Some long, small rags and pieces from old clothing in different colours and textures can make an asymmetrical overskirt with an included  bag on one side. I didn´t use a pattern, I took the scraps as they came and just made some small shape-corrections.


WP_20151008_11_14_39_Pro WP_20151008_11_14_50_ProA tablecloth, missing one third should go to the trash can, right?

I think, it would be a shame and a waste. I prefer to make a skirt from.

In this case, the tablecloth was antique, but you can also use modern pieces for this Project. All you need else are some long ribbons of cotton or silk and some scraps of lace for the eyelets.

Japanese Inspiration

WP_20151008_10_36_41_Pro__highres WP_20151008_10_36_59_Pro WP_20151008_10_59_21_Pro WP_20151008_10_59_41_Pro


Two skirts I made from many different scraps and pieces. The inspiration came from antique japanese fisherman´s jackets. Some of them were so often repaired and supplemented, that the original texture and colour can´t be seen anymore. They look like a conglomeration of scraps in every shade of Indigo, embellished with sashiko embroidery. That´s REAL recycling to me! And an art of it´s own.