Simple Over-Skirt

If you have some scraps, big enough for patchwork and matching somehow, you can try a simple wrapping over-skirt like this. WP_20151008_11_54_23_Pro WP_20151008_11_54_35_Pro WP_20151008_11_54_54_Pro







I used some vintage curtain-pieces, old lace and parts of antique bed-clothing. A rubber band at the waist, a button on the inside and a braid on the front for closure- Ready. (Ok, first I had to dye it all….) It won´t take some time, but it looks nice and you can wear it over skirts, trousers, leggins or a swimsuit in summer.

You can use many kinds of fabric and lace (but it works better, if the material is non-stretchable) Just follow your own taste and possibilitys.