Beach Life Part 2

Accidently entering the wrong part of the beach part 2:

Wrong Beach Part 2

Wrong Beach Part 2 Teil 2

This time, I used my lovely 16″  dolls again….Has been a long time…Bad thing I had to use a stand! But there was no way around. Sometimes working with dolls isn´t that easy!

But I love my little sets, no matter how humble they are!




Luxurious wellness resorts CAN sometimes have a downside…

Wellness 1

“Say….When did we last check the relaxation tank?”

“Hmmm…Not since Mrs. Miller vanished ….Oh! THAT is where she went!”

Wellness 2

A summers dream…

Ahhhh….The sand, the sun and the sea….The sound of waves gently crushing at the shore….The laughter and fun….

Beach 1

Well….A girl can dream!

Beach 2