Bathroom Pool Party

Not the best of years for a vacation at the seaside or in a club resort…We humans need to stay at home…And the dolls with us.

But dolls are creative! They know, how to enjoy themselves, so they build up their own perfect little world. A pool is included, of course!

And they invite us to their party….Curtains up!

On a sunny summer day, family and friends meet for a pool party. They grill steaks and sausages, talk about all and nothing, turn the radio on and one of the girls swims in the pool…

Bathroom Pool Party 1

“You have flippers? Great! Can I have them? Want to turn a few rounds in the pool…But before I go…Can´t you tell me, why everything for us girls always has to be PINK?”

Bathroom Pool Party 9

Finally, food is ready…

Bathroom Pool Party 2

“Hey, BanQuette!  You can´t have all the burgers for yourself! You have to share with us!”

Bathroom Pool Party 3

“Want some sausages, uncle Onslow?”
“No, thank you, my boy…I´m vegetarian, you know…BTW…Where´s the salad and vegetables?”
“Oh…I..Well… I´m afraid, we forgot them…But we have lots of Water, Lemonade and Coke! and you could get some ketchup, mustard and rolls…”

Bathroom Pool Party 7

Meanwhile, at the grill. ..There´s always a chance for a little flirt…

“I made that steak with special effort for you!”

Bathroom Pool Party 5

Nice for the girl….But grandma has her own view on things:

“Oh great! Can´t one eat her steak in peace? Always those young ones with their restless hormones…That redhead guy did a good job with the BBQ, but does that have to mean, he should flirt with my granddaughter? Hmmm…One of the others  brought him…Seems to be a friend….But didn´t she say, he´s on small girls? I really want to see, what happens when my granddaugher gets up and he finds out, how TALL she is…Kind of giraffe, like her dad…”

Bathroom Pool Party 6

“And here we go….”

Bathroom Pool Party 10


Bathroom Pool Party 11

“Just like I said….I hate it to be right again! Poor girl! He might be able to handle a steak…But otherwise, he´s an idiot!”

Bathroom Pool Party 13


















Not every spark turns into a flame…But that won´t spoil the party!

Our dolls go on having fun, until the sun goes down…

Find your own little paradise inside your home, wherever it is.

Stay safe!


A few days ago, I saw a picture on internet, where someone had build up a party set with Barbies in a bathroom, using the lavatory as a pool. I liked the idea so much, I thought about having my own little set. And finally, I was able to do it.

It was a rainy day, so there isn´t a ray of sunlight to see at this party, but I don´t care. Nore do my dolls.

I throwed together some props from different Barbie play sets, vintage and more contemporary. Added on some of the artifical plants, I collect for years and filled “the pool” with water….Ready for the party!

And I didn´t cover the faucet on purpose. I want people to know, that´s a real bathroom and what can be done with it.

While providing the set, I found out, I didn´t have any kind of swimsuit for the girls! As if swimsuits were rare for Barbie dolls!

I really need to sew some for the next time!

Had a few swimming trunks for the guys, so that wasn´t any problem. And “uncle Onslow” could go in his cool linen pants and shirt. He hadn´t intend to go swimming anyway!

I had actually planned,  to let the girl in the pool have a few rounds in the flippers….But those are from earlier Barbie generations and the feet of the new dolls are much smaller. So the flippers didn´t fit. And they were much too small for one of the guys…Sad thing…BanQuette would have enjoyed herself,  playing Esther Williams in pink flippers…

But apart from that: Pink days are (almost) over! So please Mattel, go on producing non-pink Barbie props!  Way to go!

Another thing, I thought about, was, that none of the playsets included any healthy food .

No matter if it´s daily dishes, picnic, mini market, diner or whatever….There´s always, sausages, steaks, pizza, hot dogs or burgers. Fastfood, nothing else. Not a single piece of salat there to find… Poor dolls!

And poor vegetarian Onslow….He might stay hungry this way!