The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: A day at the museum!


My dolls love museums. That´s why they wanted a set on that subject. First I had planed to work with 10-12 dolls, but over the time, they all found a way to be included in this new play!

It took more than two month to provide the set. I needed new winter-cloth  for all 20. That meant a lot of sewing and crocheting. Some of the pullovers and crochet dresses seem to be oversized. That´s purpose. I like the oversized 1980s style and my poor dolls have to suffer from that!

Curtain´s open! Now here´s the play:

All is joy and peace

On a cold day at the end of winter, some visitors come to see the museums new exhibition!

All is joy and peace I

All is joy and peace II All is joy and peace III06_Pro All is joy and peace IV

They walk around from section to section and enjoy the rare artefacts under the observant eyes of the museums watchers.

All is peacefull…But not for long! Trouble comes straight through the front door!

What is this here

“What´s THIS here? That´s no shopping mall!”

That´s a museum

“Of course not! It´s a museum!”

Why on earth should I visit a museum

“Why on earth should I go to a museum? I thought, we´d go shopping and have fun, like we always do in our spare time!”

But visiting a museum IS fun

“But visiting a museum IS fun! Look at all the people, admiring this beautiful examples of rare ancient art!”

All I can see is a bunch of morons

“All I can see, ist a bunch of morons, staring at some rotten old junk!”

Those penguins stare at me

“And this two gloomy penguins over there observe me all the time!”

Those are monitors

“That women are museums clerks. It´s their job to monitor! And it´s obvisious, why they stare at you!”

you mean my new Sergio Lumpo

“You mean, it´s my new Sergio Lumpo Ensemble, they´re looking at?”

Isn´t it amazing

“Isn´t it AMAZING? I bought it just yesterday!”

Not everyone has such a good taste

“Not everyone has such a good taste like me!”

And I ask myself sometimes how we became friends

“My dear, sometimes I ask myself, how WE became friends!”

Waht a fuzz she makes

“Who´s that girl? Look, what a fuss she makes!”

“I don´t know, from where she got THAT clothes!”

Meanwhile, across the room in the “gloomy penguins” corner….

Havbe you seen that parrot over there

“Have you seen that parrot over there?”

That woman must be color-blind

“Yes! That woman must be color-blind!”

I know that typeWP_20180218_14_48_05_Pro

“I know that type: Wants everything, knows nothing, but has an opinion on every subject! Typical airhead!”

But the redhead seems to care for herPro

“But the little redhead with the specs seems to care about her….”

Life isnt fair

“Life isn´t fair! She has a good friend, who likes her and she don´t deserve it! And I have no one!”

But I care for you

“That´s not right! I care for you! We´re colleagues for so many years now and don´t you think, that´s a bond?”

Lets always be friends

“I hope, we can always be friends- And colleagues!”

Now look what the airhead does now

“But now we have to look after the airhead! I hope, she won´t stumble over one of our artefacts while searching for the ladys room!”

Maybe we could start the fire alarmWP_20180218_14_53_59_Pro

“Can´t we drag her out of here?”

“Maybe, if we could start the fire alarm!”

While our penguins laugh, Tulabelle and Elsa, two sisters who share the same mother, but different fathers, enjoy the Asian section of the exhibition.

look at all those fantastic

“Oh sister! Look at all this beautiful things! I really wish, I could have one of those lacquer-vases for my flat! Sometimes you can find such items in antique-shops, but they´re much to expensive for me!”

If the stock market didn´t crash down

“I would have bought you one for your birthday in June, but the stock market crashed down last week. I´m just glad, I didn´t loose my job at the bourse!”

AndIm just another young designer

“And I´m just another young designer with great ambitions, lots of creativity and no money at all!”

But some day your ship comes in

“But one day, you will be someone! And I will soon get back to success again!”

Walking around can be exhausting. So many visitors use the bench-area for a short rest and exchange of views…

Best exhibition in years

“It´s the best exhibition, they had in years! I´m really glad, we came here! Have you seen the Egyptian fresco?”

“Yes! It´s fantastic! It remained for so long and is still so beautiful!”

Its so inspiring for my painting

“I find so many Inspiration for my own art here!”

“And I look forward to your vernissage next month!”

But not everyone enjoys the exhibition that much…

Oh please cant we go shopping

“Oh please! Can´t we get out of here and go shopping? This place is so boring and cheerless! And it gives me the creepes, to see all this dusty old thrash!”

A woman nearby turns around, looks at the airhead and says:

Awkward look

“That´s no “thrash”, Girl! The flyer says, the big amphora over there is around 100 BC!”

Gosh that ugly pot

“Gosh! That ugly old pot is more rotten, than I thought!”

Just be brave

“Just be brave!”

If you are a good girl

“If you´re a good girl and let me have the museum, I take you to your favourite restaurant, after we´re finished here!”

Who pays

“Who pays?”

“I do!”


Helena made her friend quiet…Now she can walk around having pleasure without someone constantly wailing behind her back…But maybe, they should have skipped the Egyptian section!

That´s something interesting

“Look at these! Have you seen this amazing dress? Well, THAT´S something interesting! Do you think, a gown like that suits me?

Please dont touch Madam

“Please don´t touch, Madam!”

The mummy is alive

“The mummy! It´s alive!”

Shes unconcious

“She´s unconscious!”

What have we done

“So sorry! We did´n´t want this to happen!”

There is something wrong

“Something´s wrong over there…We better go and have a look!”

Im not sure if it was a good idea

“I´m not sure, if it was a good idea of our management, to hire actresses for a “more lifelike experience” at the exhibition!”

I think it was good

“I think, it was good! At least we can get rid of the airhead and go back to normal!”

Lets carry her out

“Let´s carry her out, als soon as possible!”

Have you seen that

“Have you seen that? Poor girl!”

“Oh yes! Sometimes the beautiful craftmanship of ancient artefacts can really be overwhelming!”



Midnight: The Airhead

Helena (actually Tyler): Airheads good friend

Esmé: Miss White, a museums clerk

Tyler: Miss Black, another museums clerk

Elsa Lin + Tulabelle: The two half-sisters

Sabina + Inque: Two girls on a bench

Louise Devereaux: The woman with the red pullover

Antoinette: Cleopatra

Doku: The mummy

Grace, Reneé Devereaux, Velma, Phryne (actually another Velma), Brenda Starr, Mrs. SaintJohn (another Brenda), Magic, Law & Davincia: Museums Visitors

Wigs and shoes: facetsbymarcia

costumes: The house of eder by madeofrags

Behind the scenes:

My sets for Christmas and New year were hard work. Such big sets with so many dolls need weeks, sometimes month of preparation. And the providing of the set, the shooting and editing of the pictures takes another two days. But most of the things went well on both sets.

But this time, the set was a horror.

Often enough, there is a lack of light. But this time, I had much too much. I had to shoot some of the scenes from different angles and the sun-spots more than once ruined the pictures.

And some of the dolls didn´t work the way, I was accustomed.

Usually I can depend on Elsa Lin and Tulabelle. But this time, it was almost impossible to make them stand and hold the poses, the way I wanted. Finally I had to change the complete scene and place the dolls on a bench. Maybe, they didn´t like their parts in the play? Who knows!

It was the same with Sabina and Inque. Both are third-hand dolls and don´t pose very good anymore. So I use them for scenes where they can lie down or sit somewhere. Good background girls, but never the leading ladys…

For Helena and Midnight, I had to use stands. They act in front of all the others and so I had no choice this time, but to fix them, while posing.

In this situation, I found out, that all the rumours about useless doll stands are RIGHT! None of the stands really worked. No matter, what kind of stand I used, the dolls kept on swinging und I don´t know, how often they dropped on the table and caused a domino-effect on everything in their surroundings.  The reason is, some of the stands are not solid and others don´t allow the doll to reach the stands base with their feet. They “float”.

Another issue was Midnights wig. (She´s a real Diva!) Whatever I did, the wig constantly fell of her head. And that´s though I used a silicon-cap. It was the same with the little facinator, she wore, even if I fixed that thing with a needle….hopeless case! And that´s the reason, why this headpiece changes positon on some of the pictures.

In the last scene with her, when the museums clerks carry her out on a stretcher, she lost her wig finally…And I didn´t notice, until the shooting was done. I can´t recreate the set , so it´s the way it is! Fortunatelly, the mistake isn´t that striking.

For the stretcher-scene, I had to cheat. No 16″ doll on earth, not even a solid old Tonner, could carry a stretcher with a heavy-weight Sybarite on it.  And the older Tonners hands are not made to hold anything. So I scoobed a stool under the stretcher (actually a tray) and covered it all up with the heads of the dolls in front of the scene.