Not easy being green 8

It´s not that easy bein´green…

FOR ALL THE “GREEN” AND “BLUE” PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! (And as a homage to our favorite frog!)

Curtains up!

It´s always awkward, if you have to talk with the boss about your salary…

Not easy being green 1

And even more, if you´re refused like this:

“Giving you a raise? What do you think! Your job performance wasn´t nearly good enough for anything like that! To be honest, you´re not qualified for 25 bucks and if you don´t work hard on this qualification, I don´t think, we can prolongate your contract!”

Not easy being green 2

“And now, you should go back to work. I´m a very busy man!”

Not easy being green 3

And so she goes…

Noteasy being green 6

“Have you seen that! He did it again! Why is he treating her like this? And why was he lying? She´s one of our best employees!”

Not easy being green 7

“Haven´t you heard? He´s a “green-hater”! Since he took over, he´s trying to get rid of her, just because of her green skin!”

“But that´s not fair!”

“Nothing in life is fair! And if we don´t go back to work now, he´ll think about our contracts too!

But even the worst working day comes finally to an end and you can go home…But that doesn´t mean, you can escape! It´s everywhere…

Not easy being green 8

“Oh! Look at HER!”

Not easy being green 9

“Say, have you seen that strange woman? She was TOTALLY GREEN!”

“Yes, of course…She´s a witch!”

“Witches are green? I thought the Martians were!”

“No. They´re blue. Witches are green!”

Not easy being green 10

“I don´t want to be an ugly green witch! Not for a million!”

To overhear such a conversation, gives you another good reason to hide somewere…But where can a witch go to? Yes, of course: THE PARK!

So she sits there, in this quiet and calming place, where everything is green like her and no one´s around…

Noteasy being green 11


“It´s not that easy bein´green…”

Not easy being green 12

“Having to spend each day the colors of the leaves…”

Not easy being green 14


















“When I think it could be nicer, bein´red or yellow or gold…Or something much more colorful like that!”

Not easy being green 17

“It´s not easy bein´green…It seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.

And people tend to pass you over, cause you´re not standig out, like flashy sparkles in the water – Or stars in the sky!”

Not easy being green 15

“But green is the color of spring! And green can be cool and friendly like!”

Not easy being green 20

“And green can be big like a montain! Or important like a river-  or tall like a tree!”

Not easy being green 21

“When green is all there is to be…It could make you wonder why…”

Not easy being green 24

“But why wonder? Why wonder?”

Not easy being green 27

“I´m green and it´ll do fine…It´s beautiful. And I think it´s what I want to be!”

…But that´s not the end of the story! Sometimes, life holds a surprise for you…

Not easy being green 29

Suddenly, there is someone, who feels the same!

Not easy being green 30

“It´s not that easy bein´blue, having to spend each day the color of the sky….”

Not easy being green 32

So finally, our little green witch has found a  friend!

I had the idea for this “play” more than two years ago. But never had the time to bring it on my stage. And now, it seems to be more up-to-date then ever!

Edward had a hard time, playing the “villain”. He told me, being a vamire-impersonator was difficult enough and he expects me, to give him more positive parts in my next plays…We´ll see!

Another problem were the witch´s stained legs. I tried to cover the staining with pantys, but it´s still visible a bit.

It was also not easy, to work with the narrow back drops….I wanted to have two tables with dolls in front of the flower shop, but there wasn´t enough space.

And yes, it´s a bit strange to see dolls sitting on a café table, eating cake with a flower shop as a background…But the shop always reminds me a bit on a traditional café in Paris and as long, as I don´t have a real matching back drop…

Lyrics of “Bein green” written by Joe Raposo.