When Guys Go Shopping…

I made this play just before COVID, but never had the time to put in on my blog.

Now it seems to be something from another time or even another world…But maybe, when it´s all over, we get a bit of our lost freedom back and it will be almost like this, only with masks:

Sometimes, even guys have to go clothes shopping…

Guys go shopping 1 Guys go shopping 3

“Flower patterns? For me? Are you totally mad?”

“No, just gay!”Guys go shopping 5


Should I buy this shirt or the one with the green pattern?…I don´t know…It´s just a hard decision to make….I´ll call my girlfriend…”Honey, can´t you come over?  I need your help…I´m at the fashion store! No….I don´t care if you´re on a mission to safe the world! I want you right here! My task is much more important right now!”

Guys go shopping 9

“Those shoes don´t really fit. Bit too tight…But they look pretty cool! The chicks will like them!”

Guys go shopping 8


“Oh, here you are! You really took your time! Now tell me…should I buy this shirt?”

“I´ll kill you, if you do!”

(And she would! That´s the drawback in having Lara Croft for a girlfriend. That girl really knows how to use an ice pick!)