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How will your Christmas be?


Another Christmas is coming up…So it´s time for a little “doll philosophy”.

Ask yourself: How will your Christmas be?

Will you celebrate with friends and loved ones in your favorite restaurant and enjoying great food, beautiful decoration and good company?

XMAS 2019 Szene 1



XMAS 2019 Szene 1 1

Or do you like to meet with friends for a snowball fight on Christmas Eve?

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And maybe you´re feeling lonely and chasing the streets of your town, restless and sad…XMAS 2019 Szene 3

Or do you prefer a quiet Christmas at home, with only a few beloved people for company and some good books?

XMAS 2019 Szene 4

But maybe your Christmas is more like…THIS:

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When you feel like beeing in a survival camp, where only the strongest stay alive….Then you need a strategy…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 2


















Some numb themselves by overeating.

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 6


XMAS 2019 Szene 5 8

And there are such, who feel ashamed and wish, they could be far, far away…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 12

…While others love to fight about nothing..XMAS 2019 Szene 5 15

And want to hurt each other…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 3


















And all is just waste in the end…

What great expectations for your holidays!

But there could be a chance, to get your own private little Christmas at a quiet place…Maybe with furry friends and a bit of the lost magic, Christmas once held.

XMAS 2019 Szene 6So, what do you think? How will your Christmas be this year?