How will your Christmas be?


Another Christmas is coming up…So it´s time for a little “doll philosophy”.

Ask yourself: How will your Christmas be?

Will you celebrate with friends and loved ones in your favorite restaurant and enjoying great food, beautiful decoration and good company?

XMAS 2019 Szene 1



XMAS 2019 Szene 1 1

Or do you like to meet with friends for a snowball fight on Christmas Eve?

XMAS 2019 Szene 2

And maybe you´re feeling lonely and chasing the streets of your town, restless and sad…XMAS 2019 Szene 3

Or do you prefer a quiet Christmas at home, with only a few beloved people for company and some good books?

XMAS 2019 Szene 4

But maybe your Christmas is more like…THIS:

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 1

When you feel like beeing in a survival camp, where only the strongest stay alive….Then you need a strategy…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 2


















Some numb themselves by overeating.

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 6


XMAS 2019 Szene 5 8

And there are such, who feel ashamed and wish, they could be far, far away…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 12

…While others love to fight about nothing..XMAS 2019 Szene 5 15

And want to hurt each other…

XMAS 2019 Szene 5 3


















And all is just waste in the end…

What great expectations for your holidays!

But there could be a chance, to get your own private little Christmas at a quiet place…Maybe with furry friends and a bit of the lost magic, Christmas once held.

XMAS 2019 Szene 6So, what do you think? How will your Christmas be this year?

The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: A Lee for Christmas!

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Another Christmas party. Gifts are exchanged and Edward and some of the girls sing Christmas carols in their corner

The Choir is still singing The Choir sings

Carrie and Elsa sings



Others just listen and enjoy.



Others listen


A new member of the doll theater was hired recently: The Artist Davinia, a non articulated Painter and stage designer. She´s a bit rough and straight forward , but a nice person, if you know her better.

Davinia is new






The Miss Ghastly made their own corner as dark and gloomy as possible this year and were ready to quarrel like every Christmas- But then something unexpected happend:

They finally found a friend, with whom they can share their liking of darkness and gloomy things: Thekla the witch, who is now guest with her dragon Draco at the dusty room of Eve and Angeline. And uses some descret magic, to prevent the sisters from fighting again.

Gastlys wanted her room gloomy Ghastlys finally found a friend






And while Angeline recites dark and sadly lyrics, the other girls have fun with excellent sweets and good wine.

Angeline recites gloomy lyrics





Delicious cakes




Helena thinks about learning to play the trumpet.

Helena thinks about learning the trumpet






And some other girls meet in the notorious “cozy corner”, where they can gossip on soft sheep furs…

Girls meet to change news






“Have you seen Midnights gown and hat? What happened to her? She seems to have changed her style completely!”

“She has a personal style coach now! That woman did wonders on her”

Have you seen Midnights new style

“She lookes like a complete different person!”


She has a style coach now






But outside in the cold is someone….Watching the girls celebrate….

But there is someone outside




Someone lonely  with yearning eyes,who wants to go in and find some friends and a new home.

Someone without a home This someone is watching

But that´s not quite easy…

A Man


“There´s someone outside! I think it´s a man!”

Girls in riot




“WHAT?” The girls are upset!

Have you heard, what they said




“Have you heard? They say, there´s a man outside!”

“Another one?”

Its true, there´s a man





“It´s true! There IS a Man!”

I thought men were extiinct

“I thought men were extinct…Except Edward of course!”

I could terminate him with witchcraft





“I could use my witchcraft on him!”

No, it could be Mortimer

“No! Please don´t! It could be Mortimer!”

Is he dressed this time 1






” I hope, he´s dressed this time!”

Please, not another one






“Oh PLEASE! Not another one! Isn´t Edward enough?

But Edward thinks a bit different about the situation and decides, to go outside and talk to the stranger.

OK feller who are you




“Who are you and what are you doing here?  Are you a kind of Peeping Tom?”

“No! I swear, I´m not! My name is Lee and I´m desperately in search of a new employment…”

“According to the jacket you wear, your last employment must have been a circus!”

“I´m a fashion designer!”

“Well….that explaines everything…You should better come inside. We already have a fashion designer named Elsa. She takes care for the girls theater costumes. But maybe she needs someone to help her….”

This is Lee




“Girls, we have an unexpected guest. His name´s Lee and he´s a fashion designer!”

Why should he stay




“But Elsa is our designer…We don´t need another one!”

But Lee won´t give up that easy!

Please let me stay






“Please! Don´t throw me out! I´m lonesome and homeless!”

I die out in the cold

“I´ll freeze to death, if you send me back on the streets!”

Hes a very good actor





“Now look at him! What an excellent breakdown! He seems not only to be a fashion designer, but a very good actor too!”

Lets keep him





“But would it be wise, to have another man here?”

“He looks, as if he ran away from a traveling circus! Have you seen his jacket and hairstyle?”

Ineed a male friend





“Oh, come on girls! I like all of you very much, but I feel a bit lonely among so many women! I need a male friend at my side! I know, he looks a bit strange, but that can be changed in time!”

So What, lets keep hin





“So what! Let´s keep him for a while…And if we don´t like him, we can throw him out later! And we shouldn´t forget: It´s Christmas!”

You really let me ytay





“You mean, I can stay?”

Glad you´re here girls are nice but just girls






“For the moment. And maybe forever, but the girls will watch you closely. So be careful, what you do…

What will happen to Lee?

We don´t know the future. But for now, he´s safe and warm at the doll theater. And the girls are self-satisfied with their generosity…..

Merry Christmas





This time everyting went wrong. I had planed to provide the set a few days before Christmas, but never had the time. So I had to do in a grreat hurry within a few hours at the day before the holiday.

And I cheeted a bit about Lees arrival. Actually, he came month before Christmas, but I never made it , to set up a storyline for him.

The story also had to be very short and I needed so much time for the set´s providing, that I could only shoot after it got dark outside.

Therefore, the pictures are a bit greay. But I did my best, as always…

The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: Merry Christmas 2017!

This time, I wanted all my 21 girls to play. It took almost two days, to dress the dolls, build the set, shoot and prepare the pictures afterwards. And I had also some issues with the light and my old camera. But finally I made it and it was worth the hard work (and exhausting!) I don´t know, how I manged to sew all the evening gowns. For the wigs and shoes and other little items- thanks to Marcia- could be taken care long before the shooting.

Some of the Jazz Divas gowns are genuine late 1920s or early 30s fabric and items. I had to sew very careful and use only the simplest patterns to show up the beauty of the old tissue without damage or diversion.

My other girls wear OOAK gowns from vintage or recycled fabrics.

I made the Christmas trees from french beading. A technique, almost unknown here in Germany, but widespread in the USA.

And this is, how the little story goes:


The Tonners and Grace like to carol

They sing old carols






The Tonner-Girls enjoy singing old carols in front of their traditional Christmas tree.

They have different needs

The Sybs refuse carolingAnd a different style!

The Sybarites and Tulabelle refuse to sing. They have…different needs…And a different style of Christmas decoration.


The Devereaux and Kelly want a Jazzy ChristmasAnd they invited Inque and Sabina to share their party


The Jazz Age girls next door don´t care about carols. They want their Christmas to be “Jazzy”. And invited their friends Inque and Sabina to share the wild party.

Meanwhile, Elsa Lin and Law sit on the roof and enjoy the new books they got for Christmas.

Elsa Lin and Law sit on the Roof and enjoy their new books

Evi hat promised not to bully her sister this year!The two Miss Ghastly were wailing, because they couldn´t get a dusty attic, but agreed to use a dark corner with gloomy decoration. And Redhead Evi promised, not to bully her sister Angeline today….But we shouldn´t trust her innocent eyes to much…




But, of course. there was a moment of chaos

Not quite unexpected, in the middle of the party happened a moment of chaos, when the Jazz Divas took their gramophones and went over to stop the caroling by “Jazzing all up”! They disturbed not only the singers, but the Sybarites in their little world of consumption and the Ghastlys in their dark corner. Event he readers on the roof stopped for a moment and asked themselfes, what the riot means down there.

What´s that riot down there...




Evi uses the confusion to steal her sisters gift. But this time, Ravenhead Angeline fights back and Evi not only loose her prey, but ends on the edge of the seat in a huffy mood.

But this time Angeline fights back! I was right, not to trust Evi! She stole her sisters Christmas gift!And wins! Now Evi is huffy.

But soon, the chaos stopps and the party goes on. The singers form up again and everyone has to listen- Even the Sybarites and the Jazz Babes. To their own astonishment, the Jazz Ladys find out, that they like other kinds of music- Even if it´s no Jazz!

The Coventry Carol




When the evening falls, it´s time for the Tonners to stop singing and relax. They meet with the other girls to chat and get their deserved gifts.

All enjoy the party Time for the Tonners to chill out and chat!

The readers left the roof and joint the othersPeace for just one evening!

The Miss Ghastlys finally make peace and the readers come down from the roof to score the others.

Tomorrow I begin my giftlist for the next year! The Sybs and Tulabelle show each other, what they got for ChristmasMaterial Girls!

The Sybarites show themselfes the luxurious shoes and jewelry they got and Midnight decides to start the new gift-list for next Christmas tomorrow…

Five girls and a Christmas tree Good Night and have a Merry Christmas!

Late at night, after most of the guests gone home, fife girls meet in the Jazz corner to chill out after the party and say good night and MERRY CHRISTMAS!