Bavarian Crochet-Vest


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Two weeks ago, I catched a cold. The nasty kind, that keeps you in bed for weeks. But it also gave me the opportunity, to learn a crochet-pattern, I wanted to master for long,  but never had the time: Bavarian Crochet.

It´s not easy to learn something new, when your brain feels like a huge marshmallow, but after a few failures, I got it and made a little wrap-vest.

It´s said, the pattern was brought to America by two women, mother and daughter, immigrants  from Bavaria.  But is this true? Or just another fairy-tale?

The funny thing is, no one in Bavaria seems to know the pattern. (Acctually nobody in the whole Germany seems to know it!)

The few people over here, who use the pattern, all got it from the web or American crochet books! (Like me.)

That may be an evidence, that the story isn´t true- But it´s no proof!

Because many vintage patterns for crochet, knitting and needlework were brought to America by European immigrants and survived there, but were forgotten in their origin countrys. And of course, the pattern would have had a different Bavarian Name.

And there ist another possibility: Maybe mother and daughter (if they ever existed!) invented the pattern theirselves. Or it had been used in only a small area in Bavaria, perhaps just one remote village…..?

You see, things are seldeom, what they appear to be…..There is always something behind!  And it´s much more fun, to think about such things, while lying in bed with a chill, than starring at the ceiling or watch flys on the wall!