Hat-Scraps…or Scrap-Hats

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Whenever you finish a hat, there are some scraps remaining.

But milliners don´t throw them away. Hat bodies- especially in a good quality- are expensive and there aren´t many suppliers these days. So you store the scraps and use them in new projects. Some of them end as decorations, but larger pieces can be combined to complete hats, like in this case.

The salmon hat is made from two different kinds of sinamay in salmon and brown, combined with a piece of salmon straw for the brim. I added some ribbon-pieces on for the flowers and the decoration.

The brown hat is made from two kinds of paper-straw, separately worked of course and then combined. The pattern for the cocade comes from the book  “How to make 100 Ribbon Embellishments” by Elaine Schmidt.

This book has (different from other books in that field) good instructions, also  useful for beginners.

So grab your scraps! You can make always be creative with them !