Back to off-white …




Oh no…. not off-white again so soon after the Metropolitan- Project!

But there´s a good reason. Whenever I buy a lot of vintage lace , among  the sought-after things are others, I´m not so fond of.

In this case it´s those rough bobbin-lace, meant for bed-and table-clothing or towels. I have enough bed-or table-clothing in my cabinet, so I don´t need more. And usually I´m the one to cut them up and not to sew new ones.

But the pile of rough bobbin-lace got slowly higher and higher, until I couldn´t close the cap of my lace- box anymore. I had to do something!

I couldn´t donate the lace to my usual group of sewing girls. To old fashioned for teens.  And nobody else wanted it.

So what to do with that nasty, rough bobbin-lace?

Then I had an idea….I remembered a scene from Emile Zola´s novella “The lady´s paradise” (Au bonheur des dames).  In that Scene, he describes a display window in a department store, overflowing with yards and yards of white  lace…..Could I do something flowing, airy? With rough lace?

Maybe not exactly, but a long, fluent lace-poncho could be a thing for a spring occasion. Or a Christmas evening. And I could also sew some scarfs or stoles.

So I went to my sewing machine and did it. I think, it went good and what I have in the end is ok.

Of course I could dye it, but I like the two-tone shade one of the lace in the poncho has and it all matches perfectly. So it will remain off-white…..