Sometimes you need a second try…

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After finishing gown no. 2, I ascertained, I feel awkward with it. I couldn´t go on with the  extended size of the dress. I had to made it extremly loose, to show the embroidery on the skirt´s center, but it did nothing for me.  And I found the appliques in the middle , that covered some holes and spots, not fine enough. And the roses….No way! So I began again. I was already busy with gown no. 4, so I took the time and changed my wrong-gone no. 2. Now it´s more of my taste.

First I joined a broad ribbon in the waist. so I could draw a satin ribbon through, regulate the width and show the embroidery in the middle at the same time.  Than the unloved appliques had to go. I replaced them with a piece of vintage  Valencienne-lace and tinkered a new decoration for the middle-part from another applique and  some small lace.  It´s still not perfect, but now it looks much better and does more for me.

And what about the “girlish” rose-decoration? I removed it. There will be  a millinery project in future , I can use them for!