The Humble Little Doll Theater Plays: At the Millinery

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This time no storyline, just a few sets I made about a milliners shop in the 1920s and another version from the 1950s…well, as good, as I could…I don´t have many items of the 50s nor do I have many matching cloth for my dolls from that period.

But it´s funny, how many 1950s hats I made…And I really enjoyed it. Seems, I like the hats from that time much more than the cloth…

I worked as a milliner myself for years and could use my skills, to make some nice hats for my little actors.

This time I had issues with the light again, so the pictures are not the very best and don´t ask about the problems, I had to prepare the set. In the middle of it, I found out, I had forgotten to sew some smocks for the milliners and the shop girl!

I hadn´t many time, so I couldn´t sew authentic smocks from the 1920s. (Smocks at that time looked more like Kasacks and were much longer with pleats.)

So I grabbed, what I could find on white fabric and made smocks, that can work in some different scenes in the future…even as blouses, if neccessary.

The next issue was to make some kind of hat-stands. With only a small amount of spare time, I took some vintage wood-spools  and a few metal bars, I had left over from another project. Not perfect, but they did the job. Maybe I find the time soon, to make better stands. But for now….

Now enjoy my little scenes!

Wealthy customers gather to see the new hats…

At the Millinery Shop0827_10_31_14_Pro

They came to see the latest Paris-style!

The latest style from Paris




Some hats for summer partys!

Some new Styles





And some for every day occasions!

Does the hat suit me






Does the hat suit me?

Show us more new hats




Show us more hats! But don´t forget, we´re very challenging!

Some lovely hats to buy




So many lovely hats to buy!

Workshop in the back





But there is always a less glamourous side of life…In the back, milliners work hard, to make their wealthy customers fashion dreams come true!

Some new hat designs to work on






Some new hat designs to work on!

Finishing hats




And hats to finish fast! Customers don´t like to wait…


Time goes by, fashion is different now, but in fact, nothing has changed…

A milliners shop in the 1950s:

Millinery shop 1950s





Wealthy customers gathered, to see the new Paris style…

We need hats




Some hats for Church and garden partys!

Do I like the new Style






Does the new style suit me?

Coolies are cool






I love to wear chinese coolies!

I prefer flowers






I prefer flower hats!

Nothing changed through the years





No, nothing has changed. There are still busy milliners in the back and work night and day on the dreams of their challenging customers.

The Humble Little Doll Theater plays: Jazz Age 1

I love the style of the 1920s!

And I was lucky enough, to get two versions of Tonners Devereaux Sisters, Louise and Renee´. Both dolls are very beautiful and I enjoy it very much, to sew cloth with genuine vintage fabrics from the late 20s or 30s for them.

Renee´s suit is made from a precious piece of egyptian revival fabric. I possess another one in a similar pattern. I think, it will make a second suit, this time for Louise….

My second set was a bit more appealing than the first, but I had still much more to learn (and still have!)

I had a few real  Art Déco curtain pieces and some doilys and other items. But not enough to cover up the whole set. So I knew, I needed some more things for the theater. And I also knew, where to find them: Fleamarkets, second hand shops, charity department stores…The next sets could come!

WP_20171013_10_00_30_Pro The Miss Devereaux on their daybedWP_20171013_10_02_04_ProTwo Sisters together WP_20171013_10_04_05_Pro WP_20171013_10_10_34_ProWe´re going out!