That´s what you get….

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…if you watch to much period-drama series!

A month ago I stumbled by chance over “The House of Eliott”. I never knew, this series was existing!

After watching series one, I was so inspired, I just wanted to make some of the cloth and hats for me….But like always in my special universe, it turned out to be completely different. I wanted to begin with something like Evangelines lacy nightgown. So I sewed along, added on and made some small changes, important for me, because I´m a diverse type of woman…And after all, the thing created itself and became a vintage-style summer dress instead of a nightgown….

It´s funny….No matter how hard I try, to stay with the original- in the end it´s ALWAYS completely different! Even if I use very similar materials!

Seems, my own style is to strong, to copy things just like that.

And  maybe that´s the point: Perhaps it MUST be this way!

So don´t try to do exactly the same, that someone else has done before. Go your own way, find your own creative expression and develop yourself!

After the dress, that ought to be a nightgown, I tried again and this time I got something, that´s  useable for a nightgown AND a dress….I´m afraid, it´s hopeless!

Now I work on two versions of  early 1920s lingerie-over gowns, I saw in the series…..And they will be very much my own style again….

And YES it´s recycling! Some of the vintage lace had been used in decades before  or was long forgotten stored in cellars or attics and now comes back to life again!